Potter Lake Projects

Potter Lake Projects

Weed Control

Aquatic plants found in Potter Lake include muskgrass, coontail, common waterweed, water star grass, Eurasian watermilfoil, slender naid, nitella, white water lilly, curly leaf pondweed, sago pondweed, flat stem pondweed and horned pondweed.

Weed Control
Herbicide Treatment

On April 17, 2017 Marine Biochemists conducted a whole lake treatment using Sonar. The product was applied to those areas where milfoil has been the most problematic at a concentration to effectively treat the entire lake.

The last whole lake treatment on Potter Lake was conducted in 2005. The previous whole lake treatments successfully eliminated milfoil for 3 years. After denying whole lake treatments for a number of years, DNR is now acknowledging the need for this type of treatment for invasive species and is issuing permits for them.

Potter Lake will be monitored to make sure the Sonar is remaining at a concentration necessary to target the milfoil. “Bump” applications will be used to keep the lake at the very low dosage of 4 parts per billion. We expect there to be detectable levels of Sonar in the lake throughout the summer and into the fall.

In mid-summer, a plant survey will be conducted to determine what is growing in the lake, and at what densities. This will tell us the Sonar’s impact on the native plants, as well as let us know what is happening with the milfoil and curly-leaf.

Note that there are no use restrictions during this project. Swimming, fishing and body contact uses are all safe to do. At this low concentration, even irrigation is OK.

Herbicide Treatment Report 2016
Herbicide Treatment Permit 2017
Herbicide Treatment Permit 2020
Herbicide Treatment Permit 2021
Herbicide Treatment Permit 2023

Starry Stonewort
Other Invasive Species

Please continue to watch for other invasive species. Starry Stonewort continues to be the most significant threat right now. Although it is proving difficult to deal with, everyone agrees that early detection is crucial to its control. It is currently found in:

  • Waukesha County: Big Muskego – Bass Bay, Little Muskego
  • Racine County: Long Lake
  • Washington County: Pike Lake
  • Other Locations: Door County Peninsula (both sides), Michigan, Minnesota and Indiana
Potter's Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District Weed Harvester
Weed Harvesting
  • A weed harvester, conveyor and truck were purchased in 1976.
  • Sanitary sewers were first installed in the District in 1977 and completed in 1981.
  • The weed harvester was replaced in 1984.
  • A second conveyor was purchased in 1986.
  • The truck was replaced in 1992.
  • Two new conveyers were purchased in 1995 as well.
  • In 1996, the weed harvester was completely serviced and a new cutting head was installed.
  • In 2010 a dump truck was purchased.
  • In 2016 a new motor was installed in the Harvester
  • During those years when harvesting is done, shoreline weeds can be raked, piled to dry on your frontage and burned providing the conditions allow.
Aquatic Plant Survey on Potter Lake

In June 2016, Aron & Associates conducted an aquatic plant survey on Potter Lake. The survey was part of an ongoing study to document changes in the aquatic plant community of Potter Lake. The information can be compared with past studies and may be used by future investigators to determine if the aquatic plant population is changing. The impact of various management techniques may be evaluated based on their respective impacts on the aquatic plants.

Please refer to the Potter Lake 2017 Aquatic Plant Management Plan for complete details.

Clean Boats, Clean Waters
Clean Boats, Clean Waters

You may have noticed Clean Boats, Clean Waters staff checking boats at our boat launch, or maybe you are a volunteer, or are interested in learning more. Clean Boats, Clean Waters includes teams of volunteers and some paid staff who are trained to perform boat and trailer checks, disseminate informational brochures and educate boaters on how to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.

Potter Lake has been actively involved in the Clean Boats, Clean Waters program for the last 20 years. Our boat launch is staffed on weekends from Memorial Day through Labor Day. If you are interested in learning more please visit dnr.wi.gov/lakes/cbcw or contact potterslake@gmail.com.

Fish Stocking in Potter Lake
Fish Stocking

While the vast majority of Wisconsin lakes and streams have self-sustaining fish populations, stocking remains an important management tool for some waters. DNR Fish Hatcheries and other facilities produce young fish for stocking to re-establish formerly self-sustaining populations, to provide research data on the effectiveness of stocking and other related practices, and to expand fishing opportunities for Wisconsin's anglers.

Over the last 40 years Potter Lake has worked with the Wisconsin DNR and their fish stocking program. Most recently Northern Pike were stocked in 2015. Please visit the Fish Stocking database for complete details about the program.

Fish Stocking Database

The Stocking Database allows you to quickly see where fish have been stocked throughout Wisconsin in past years in case you are interested in targeting stocked waters. You'll find information from 1972 to the present.