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2020 Potter Lake Carp-Out

Primary Purpose

The primary purpose of the Protection and Rehabilitation district is to improve Potter Lake. One simple way to accomplish this is to sponsor a Carp-out. Carp are one of the most destructive fish, and if left unchecked, can wreak havoc on a lake.

Carp Tags
Special Bounty

To help protect our lake, there will be a Carp-out June 6 and 7, 2020. The weekend Carp-Out will start Friday at Midnight and end at 5:00pm Sunday. The District has decided to pay a $1 bounty for Carp over 6 inches in length during the Carp-out weekend. Volunteers will be at the public launch from 8am – 5pm on Saturday June 6th and Sunday June 7th. Upon check-out we will pay you a $1 bounty and have a dumpster available to dispose of the fish.

In addition, with the help of the DNR, some carp have been specially tagged. The tags (pictured) will be colored and attached to the backs of the fish just under the dorsal fin. The tags will also have a number on them. The district has placed a $100 bounty on these Carp. Bounties will stay in effect until December 31, 2020 or until a maximum payout of $500 is reached. Once these tags are returned and confirmed, a check for $100 will be sent to anglers. If you catch a tagged Carp, please contact Jon Voss at 262-379-0929 or voss.potterslake@gmail.com. Jon will verify the tag number and process your $100 bounty. Jon will also be available for specially requested check-in/out for night anglers on the Carp-out weekend. Bow fisherman need to check-in with Jon Voss at 262-379-0929 before fishing.

Let’s have a great Carp-out, have fun, make some money, and help protect and improve Potter Lake!

If you are interested in volunteering (check-in/out) for the Carp-out, please contact Jon.

Carp Fishing Tips
  1. Use a strong fishing pole and reel.
  2. Don’t leave fishing poles unattended. It is illegal. Carp are strong and can pull your pole right into the lake. Use a pole holder if needed.
  3. Use 15lb. to 20lb. test. You don’t need a lot of line, 50’ is probably enough.
  4. Use a dark colored hook. If it is sunny, a brass hook can spook the Carp.
  5. Treble hooks are recommended. A regular #6 or #8 size hook also works well.
  6. Add a few split shot(weights) about 3’ from the hook. Having the line lay flat on the bottom makes it harder for the Carp to see it.
  7. Carp are bottom feeders, fish on the bottom, no bobbers needed.
  8. Canned sweet corn is the bait of choice. Don’t be afraid to throw a few handfuls in the water. Even on days leading up to the Carp-out works well. Fill the entire hook(s) with corn.
  9. Be patient in setting the hook. Carp suck the bait into their mouths. Wait a few seconds for them to swallow it. Then lightly set the hock & hold on!
  10. The best place to find Carp is in shallow water. They love to hang out under piers and in shaded places. The boat launch is another great place to fish for Carp.
  11. Have fun and help preserve the precious resource we have.